GTSN is active in system integration for more than 20 years.   Security systems, telecommunications and smart homes solutions is the core of our business.

System integration of security systems, telecoms and smart home solutions are the areas where GTSN’s acquired expertise makes us a trustworthy provider.  Our clients receive from us a range of solutions and services.   Solutions that respond to their own technical as well as economical demands.


Our expertise covers these fields making our clients trust us as they receive a wide range of solutions and services. Solutions that respond to your own techno-economical demands

The success of our projects is not only based on our experience but also on:

  • The analytical communication with you for the definition of your needs.
  • The design of the correct solution that responds to your needs.
  • The correct choice of the products that will make up your solution. 
  • The careful implementation of our projects so that the end result covers you entirely.
  • The instant and efficient support of our solutions.

GTSN operates in the region of Messinia.   Most of our projects are implemented locally, thus our proximity to our clients ensure timely local support. We are always there when we are needed.